ICT for Learning, Teaching and Assessment: Accessing software

Corporate software: A range of software is available for installation on your campus desktop/laptop depending on your need and license conditions. Request this through Helpdesk.

Online software: A wide range of software is now available online through an internet browser. See Online Alternatives to Desktop Applications or Best Free Web-Based Applications. See Data Capture page for online video editing.
Google Documents and Zoho are examples of suits of online applications.

Portable Applications: A range of software is available that can be installed on a USB memory device. See Portable Apps or the List of portable software on Wikipedia.

Mobile Computing: Teacher laptops and some PDAs can connect to the wireless internet on most campuses. Your private mobile computing device can also be used on campus to run software you have (legally) installed.

Some staff and students have organised wireless internet access to their private mobile device through private plans or pre-paid USB Broadband Modems.