ICT for Learning: Customising your Internet Browser

Internet Explorerie7.PNG

You should only use Internet Explorer when accessing INSYTE or Web Mail - other browsers may not give you full functionality.
Internet Explorer cannot be reliably customised with add-ons and toolbars on Campus desktop computers - particularly if you use more than one computer.

firefox2.PNGFirefox is an internet browser that can be downloaded and installed to your My Documents folder - which means it looks the same on every campus computer you use as well as at home if you customise it in the same way.
It is used by a large proportion of staff and students and can be customised by adding toolbars and add-ons.
The most commonly added features are the Google Toolbar, delicious, Twitterfox and Google Notebook.
NB Firefox requires a special setting for use on campus and is not supported by Helpdesk. See Firefox support for help.
Firefox also has a useful spell checker (although spelling is American if you downloaded the USA version).


igoogle.PNGiGoogle is like an online 'desktop/webpage' that you customise to display all your frequently accessed information and online services. There are a large number of 'gadgets' that you can choose to add to your page(s).
NB iGoogle is not supported by Helpdesk. See iGoogle support for instructions and help.