ICT for Learning: Customising your Desktop

Desktop Shortcuts - The standard desktop on a campus desktop PC cannot be reliably customised at this stage - shortcuts will be lost - particularly if you use multiple desktops.

desktop.PNGHowever, you can create a folder called 'Desktop' in your My Documents folder and place all your shortcuts (and files) in it.
You can then open this folder and use it as a 'desktop'. (Or copy its contents to the standard desktop each time your shortcuts disappear.)

Online Bookmarks - URLs or favourites saved on a computer will be available on other computers, in other workplaces or at home if you save them online. There are serveral ways to do this but the most popular are

Desktop Organisers - Software such as Fences enables you to organise your desktop shortcuts on your home computer/laptop.

Online Desktops - There are a number of services that provide online 'desktops' that are available through an internet browser and look the same wherever you log in.