ICT for Learning: Working from Home

A large proportion of staff (60%) access work sites and documents from home (or while travelling or while on workplace visits).

Connection and access: Fast broadband connections at home can be faster and less restrictive than on campus. If you plan to use sites/services with students check that students can access them on campus and if not advise students to access from home if they can.

Access to campus Drives and the Campus Intranet is available via the Shared Services Portal.

Bookmarks/URLs: You can maintain one set of bookmarks that can be accessed from any internet enabled device by using Google Bookmarks and/or delicious Bookmarks.

Online Documents: Documents that are saved to online systems are available from any internet enabled device. For example

Hardware solutions: Documents and files saved to hardware can be physically transported home and then automatically or manually synchronised on returning to work. For example
  • USB memory stick - a few GB
  • USB external pocket hard drive - many GB (May require Helpdesk assistance to connect to desktop)
  • Netbook - about 1kg in weight
  • Laptop
  • PDA
  • Mobile phone

Communication solutions: