Fixed_Logo.gifUsing ICT for Learning, Teaching and Assessment

These pages outine a few ways some staff have customised or supplemented existing ICT services. Be aware that these were suggested by individual staff and come with no support other than any you may find from a colleague or locate online. In most cases there are helpful internet sites with tutorials and support forums.

If you have something to add that other staff may find useful please do so - this document is open for editing and discussion.

Customising your Internet browser - browser toolbars and add-ons

Customising your desktop - shortcuts, bookmarks

Communication tools - email, blogging, micro-blogging, shared online spaces, video chat and conferencing

Contacting students - email, SMS

Computer Help Online - text and video instructions

Copyright and Creative Commons - copyright and making and locating creative commons resources

Sharing information - sharing information, documents and large files with students and colleagues

Working from home - accessing bookmarks and documents

Accessing software - online and portable applications

Capturing data - audio, video, screen capture

Mobile computing - laptops, netbooks, PDAs, synchronisation

Folios and Galleries - sharing or showcasing multimedia.

Locating educational resources - Services, directories, repositories, networks...

Learning Tools - Recommended web services for learning strategies and outcomes

Producing educational resources - course / learning object authoring tool

Backup - CD, DVD, external hard drive, online